July 7th 2014- MetalRustGuard, the ultimate rust inhibitor

We hear it all the time at trade shows- “Oh we don’t have problems with rust”. WHHHHAT?!?!?! Are you that privileged in life that you don’t have to deal with a natural occurrence that happens to steel and other metal that you are using all the time? Rust happens, just deal with it. And MetalRustGuard is a way we want you to deal with it. MetalRustGuard (MRG) is a revolutionary protective wrap that is a rust inhibitor through and through. Think of our product like a first aid bandage that you wrap around or stick to metal products to prevent rust and corrosion. Be sloppy with it, be precise to get it in certain spots and edges that need protection, however you need to use it, DO IT! MRG doesn’t care how you use it to prevent rust, it just needs to be your solution to prevent corrosion. Request your free sample today, call Josh our sales manager and have him send it out to you personally today! It’s us or rust! Choose wisely!