MetalRustGuard- Rust and Corrosion Inhibitor

A non-toxic corrosion inhibitor that’s FDA approved, green and easy to use with an impressive return on investment

You need the best corrosion inhibitor because you are a professional. A professional at shipping, transporting, storing, machining, fabricating… you should not have to worry about whether your corrosion protection is failing.

We are confident because independent lab testing proves we’re effective

With MetalRustGuard as a corrosion inhibitor, Long term and short term corrosion protection is complete and we’ll prove it to you. We have the lab testing to prove our product and if that doesn’t do it, resort to the practical. Try MetalRustGuard, (MRG)


100% made in the U.S.A.

We are 100% made in America. Gardena, CA in fact, for over 20 years. We have used the same technology to produce other similar products for many industries. We have a strong track record of supplying producers throughout the world.

MetalRustGuard is designed and created for shipping and protecting metal components. With the research and feedback we obtained during research, we carefully crafted a product that truly protects carbon based metals.

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Why choose MetalRustGuard?

Because we replace ineffective and expensive corrosion inhibitor products with a dry, green corrosion inhibitor. No more grease, no more corrosion, no more time consuming labor, plus it’s easy to use.

We have happy customers that have reduced or eliminated rejections because of MRG’s performance. We can boost your bottom line and increase your return on investment.

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MetalRustGuard’s (MRG) proprietary process uses Food Grade Wax

MetalRustGuard first starts out as a polypropylene that is incredibly strong and hydrophobic. Water is literally afraid of our material. The polypropylene fabric runs through a proprietary coating process to apply a wax barrier impregnating every fiber of the material and yield a wax coating on both sides of the wrap.

Both components come together to form a non-toxic, FDA Approved, easy to apply, easy to remove barrier against any elements regardless of the environment.

Throughout testing, MRG was exposed to all points on the ph scale.

MetalRustGuard (MRG) is FDA approved and Food Grade Approved

Employee/Hobbyists chemical exposure is greatly reduced with MRG and is safe to be approved by hand! Try that with cosmoline- Actually don’t, they don’t recommend it either.

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You should try MRG, obtain a sample or ask us for a consultation

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MRG at work…

In the photo below the metal was exposed to salt water by total immersion for weeks, (very corrosive). MRG covered one side and the other was exposed. You can see the results for yourself…

photo 4

Corrosion testing reports are also available here