Frequently Asked Questions

MetalRustGuard – It’s Us or Rust!

What is MetalRustGuard?

MetalRustGuard is a non-toxic protective wrap to prevent rust and corrosion on any type of metal. Because MetalRustGuard contains no VOC’s or harsh chemicals in it’s manufacturing, it can be used on the installation of any metal without harm to the user applying it, or the environment it is placed in.

What is MetalRustGuard made of?

MetalRustGuard’s base material is a hydrophobic polypropylene. The polypropylene wicks water away, and yields excellent dead fold properties. It also makes the material customizable to be cut and used as needed. The stick on the material is a proprietary wax formula that provides essential barrier properties that prevents harmful contaminates in the atmosphere from corroding the metal inside. The wax is food grade and contains all non-toxic ingredients making MetalRustGuard safe to be applied by hand.

See below how MetalRustGuard conforms to protect Mold Bases shipped across the world.

Mold Base

How does MetalRustGuard keep metal corrosion free?

MetalRustGuard’s ingredients create an impenetrable barrier to various weather conditions including high humidity and extreme cold from affecting its performance. Polypropylene’s chemical properties do not absorb water, and acts like a water retardant pushing water away. The wax acts as a superior inhibitor against harmful environments to metal including ocean and marine surroundings. The wax prevents water molecules and vapor to transmit through the cover, preventing corrosion.

What sizes does MetalRustGuard come in?

MetalRustGuard comes in roll form in all sizes from 4.5” to 55”. We can also perforate the material to tear away at a desired length for quicker application and to maximize coverage and minimize waste.

Does MetalRustGuard need any prep work or adhesives to work?

Not at all! MetalRustGuard is self-adhesive when needed to be and does not require any other Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor (VCI) product to be used. It replaces the need for expensive and wasteful VCI bags and films or gunky rust inhibitors that are difficult to clean and inconsistent. The installation is simple. Just cut or tear the material at the perforated edges and apply the material to ANY metal product or piece. Then cover all exposed edges and surfaces, apply light pressure and you are set. MetalRustGuard does all the rest! Click Here to see how easy MetalRustGuard is to apply onto clean metal.

Where can I purchase MetalRustGuard?

We encourage all of our customers to fill out our contact form and allow us to understand your packaging process better. If you have already tested the material and are interested in purchasing, please see further information of our authorized distributors here.

Can I weld over MetalRustGuard?

You absolutely can! MetalRustGuard does not release on toxic fumes in its’ burning, does not contaminate the weld pool and is not flammable. MetalRustGuard conforms to AWS D3.9. See a test done by one of our clients here>>>>> MetalRustGuard Weld Test

Will MetalRustGuard remove rust?

While MetalRustGuard is an amazing rust inhibitor, it does not remove rust. If applied to parts that are already rusted, MetalRustGuard will slow down the corrosion deterioration.