The Best Corrosion Protection

Corrosion protection with MetalRustGuard is easy and profitable. Here’s at least 8 ways:

  • Dry corrosion protection with no spray or grease saves labor costs
  • Moisture will not co-exist with MetalRustGuard
  • Applies and removes easily, also Re-usable
  • Reduces or eliminates rejected parts
  • Excellent abrasion protection while eliminating corrosion risk
  • Very safe and effective in Marine Environments
  • FDA approved, food grade, non toxic
  • Green

…Let us identify why MetalRustGuard (MRG) should be your corrosion protection based on the above list

Dry, no spray or grease

MetalRustGuard (MRG) is a dry method. It does not require coating, drying or packing, resulting in reduced labor costs.

Reduced product cycle time equals a significant cost advantage. When you multiply these costs at both the supplier and at the receiving end, you get a sense of the total cost savings.

Since MetalRustGuard (MRG) comes in a dry roll, it applies and removes quickly. There is no residue like that of cosmoline, oil based sprays or mineral based corrosion protection. You know the high cleanup costs related to petroleum products, even worse, regulations are not favoring you.

The cost savings are significant compared to a product that is hard to remove or presents a residue aftermath. Once MRG is applied it stays on until removed. It removes very quickly too.

MRG comes in roll form from 4.5” wide to 55” wide. Because of its roll form, MRG can be cut and used as needed. This will eliminate over purchasing and wasting of materials.

With easy application, removal and minimal cleanup, you can see how the savings will be desirable for you from many different points.

pump wrap1

Every element of MRG is hydrophobic, providing incredible corrosion protection

Polypropylene fabric is the base of MRG. Polypropylene is a hydrophobic material. Water literally runs away, or beads off of it before we even apply the microcrystalline wax.

With our proprietary process, MRG fabric is saturated completely with a solution of microcrystalline wax and other ingredients that produce a durable, workable, intensely effective corrosion and abrasion protection.

The hydrophobic and protective properties of microcrystalline wax as a vci, (volatile corrosion inhibitor), are well documented.

As noted in Michael Ash’s Handbook of Green Chemicals, Microcrystalline wax is not only an excellent rust inhibitor but “is not considered harmful to the environment”.

Applies and removes easily, also re-usable

We’ve been making MRG since the early ’90’s so we know a few things and we’ve done our homework. Easily applied is a legitimate claim for a lot of products. How about easily removed? We know that’s a big one with you. MRG comes of with two fingers without any resistance.

Once removed, if you wish, MRG can be re-applied and will be just as tacky and effective as the first time.

Whether you’re out in the elements or in the shop, MRG is easily applied; cover any exposed surface with light hand pressure and you’re done.

MRG can be obtained at widths from 4.5” to 55” so coverage of parts small or large is easy with little labor and effort, because of this, savings are not hard to realize. Once covered, shipping and storage are worry free in regards to corrosion and/or abrasion.

Back Pressure Valves Wrapped

Reduces or eliminates rejected parts

We hear from customers all the time that MRG is replacing their conventional means of abrasion and corrosion protection. We in manufacturing know the cost of rejected parts, on the shop floor as well as on the receiving end where customers reject anything less than perfect.

Shipping is rough especially when it also involves storage before and after.  Pitting and rust can be eliminated by ugly greases and oils. We have mitigated this problem in spades. Cleanliness and lack of rejections not only saves money and time but people are happy not to have to remove gunk.

Corrosion protection as well as abrasion protection for the long haul are not too much to ask. In fact, you can apply MRG and rest comfortably that it will not only stay put but remain effective while doing so.

MRG protects for 2-4 years. This is a very conservative promise. We have product that a customer purchased 20 years ago that is still tacky.

We present this time frame based on our own product testing program:

  • 2 years in outdoor conditions like wind, sun, rain or worse, outdoor marine conditions.
  • 4 years in indoor controlled environments.

Excellent abrasion protection while eliminating corrosion risk

While corrosion protection is our claim to fame, the properties of MRG lend themselves perfectly to abrasion protection. After application, MRG clings to the object so perfectly that snags or chafing are not an issue.

The base fabric made from polypropylene provides an exceptional abrasion shield. Many of our tool and die customers report this being an added benefit when they initially purchased for corrosion protection.

The industry of plastic injection molding and tooling has never received such a benefit like it has with MetalRustGuard. Keeping entire molds safe from corrosion without the sticky mess of cosmoline. See here why so many mold manufacturers love using MetalRustGuard.


Very safe and effective in marine environments

The words corrosion protection in the marine industry are always met with disbelief or “rolling of the eyes”.

Rust and corrosion protection are impossible if you have air space between a metal surface and your VCI wrapping or covering. Oxygen, moisture and a corrosive element, (salt), are poisonous and obviously, this is the marine environment. MRG provides an intimate contact between the metal and our material. This quality of MRG is what enables the level of protection our test results verify.

Dissimilar metals meeting one another is a grave concern in the marine environment. Applying MRG to one or both surfaces where metals may contact is an effective measure to eliminate the dangers of corrosion and electrolysis. Premature destruction of metals is expensive and hazardous where they are structural.

MRG is guaranteed, certified corrosion protection from salt water and even acidic conditions. Protection during total immersion can be expected.

We encourage you to view independant lab test results for the corrosion resistant qualities exhibited by MRG. MRG performed perfectly on all points of the ph scale.

See our chemical testing reports here

FDA approved, food grade and non-toxic, that’s a big safety benefit. Safety equals savings…

MRG can be used in a clean environment because it is FDA approved for use on food surfaces. All of the elements that MRG is manufactured with are food grade. Naturally, MRG would be non-toxic.

Imagine having a dairy operation where corrosive liquids touch your equipment or a manufacturing facility where a HACCP plan requires clean materials. MRG can be used without reservation under these conditions.

Since we are food grade, with MRG, amazing protection without having to worry about another hazardous situation can be expected. MRG is made entirely from food grade elements so there are no material handling safety issues for your employees.

MRG is a “green” solution for you

Quite a few VCI’s are petroleum based. That means that when cleaning them off of your equipment the cleanup becomes a potential hazardous waste scenario.

That’s expensive and cumbersome.

No VOC’s!

You may have had to deal with regulatory officials regarding cleanup of your equipment. If you haven’t, lucky you. If you’re using solvents you worry about, the cleaners are as big an issue as what your cleaning off these days.

We are an excellent “green” solution for you.

You owe it to yourself and your company to find out more or try MetalRustGuard for comprehensive corrosion protection.

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