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July 7th 2014- MetalRustGuard, the ultimate rust inhibitor

We hear it all the time at trade shows- “Oh we don’t have problems with rust”. WHHHHAT?!?!?! Are you that privileged in life that you don’t have to deal with a natural occurrence that happens to steel and other metal that you are using all the time? Rust happens, just deal with it. And MetalRustGuard is a way we want you to deal with it. MetalRustGuard (MRG) is a revolutionary protective wrap that is a rust inhibitor through and through. Think of our product like a first aid bandage that you wrap around or stick to metal products to prevent rust and corrosion. Be sloppy with it, be precise to get it in certain spots and edges that need protection, however you need to use it, DO IT! MRG doesn’t care how you use it to prevent rust, it just needs to be your solution to prevent corrosion. Request your free sample today! It’s us or rust! Choose wisely!

July 14th 2014- MetalRustGuard- Rust Inhibiting- Environmentally Friendly

From its design MetalRustGuard was set out to be effective against rust and corrosion, but  more importantly, we wanted to attack the problem with the planet in mind. So many chemicals used as RP’s are so harmful to the environment and to the surrounding areas they are used in. We take pride that our product is used with only non-toxic, environmentally friendly ingredients. We guarantee up to a 4 year shelf life for indoor storage and up to 2 years with outdoor storage. MetalRustGuard is a strong barrier protectant against corrosive elements and a product that can be applied to metal material with your bare hands, without any fear of chemical reaction or harm done to humans or the area it is used in. Buried underground, or used in metal manufacturing plants across the country, you can be sure that MetalRustGuard saves you money every time and Mother Earth as well.

July 21st 2014- VCI Not Needed

We think VCI (Volatile Corrosion Inhibitors) works. We think they are feasible to mitigate and fight corrosion in your efforts to drive quality in your operation. We just happen to think our stuff works better, and we have the proof! Over 188 hours of Salt Spray testing proves that MetalRustGuard was THE CHOICE to prevent metal rust and corrosion. Even being submerged in phosphoric and hydrochloric acid, MetalRustGuard still stood up to the challenge. So if your company is using any VCI material now, whether it be VCI Poly, VCI bags, VCI emitters or desiccant packets, and you are looking to save up to 35% with a more environmentally friendly appeal, look no further than MetalRustGuard. Proudly manufactured in Los Angeles, California. We take pride in creating a new innovative approach towards rust and corrosion inhibiting. Remember, it’s US or RUST!

August 4th 2014- It Doesn’t Take Much to Rust

The natural occurrence of rust on steel and other metal components, doesn’t take a long time to happen. And this time of year, where most places around the US get extremely humid, it will take even less time. Rust forms after metal is exposed to oxygen and moisture in the air. In just 3 days, most pieces begin to corrode and would have to be re-worked and rust removed before they can be used. So how much is rust costing your company? How much labor are you spending on this natural occurrence that DOES NOT go away by well wishing? Well, we have a solution, and even if you are already using something now, we got a feeling that if you are here on our website, you are looking for another one. That solution is MetalRustGuard, the safe, non-toxic rust eliminator that stops rust in your operation immediately! So get in touch with us today, request a free sample and knock out your rust problem for good. Remember with MetalRustGuard- It’s Us or Rust!

August 24th 2014- It seems easy, but does it really work?

We understand the doubt that sometimes come with understanding something new. When the internet started did we ever think that we would be able to stream movies or order products online from the other side of the US to be shipped in two days. (Amazon Prime is a game changer) But while doubt is normal to be expected, the results that come from change should not. With innovation comes new ideas and for packaging this is very true. Change is constantly taking place in the world of packaging. At MetalRustGuard we welcome the doubters, we welcome the challenge to win your business because we are confident in the results. We want to be the reason your company can increase productivity and eliminate re-works in your metal manufacturing. We want to be the product you put your confidence in to ensure your company’s brand on shipping overseas and around the world RUST FREE! We feel here at MetalRustGuard, that we are making the BEST RUST PREVENTATIVE. It’s a bold statement to make, but the testing has been done and the results are in. MetalRustGuard can withstand nature’s abuse, whether it be humidity and crashing waves of salt water, or a large volume of parts being shipped around the world, we promise to provide corrosion free metal every time. With MetalRustGuard- It’s Us or Rust!

September 11th 2014- Good Isn’t good if better is expected

Good isn’t good if better is expected. That simple sentence quoted from the great broadcast legend Vin Scully, certainly applies to the business world. In the business world better is ALWAYS expected and a company must be quick to adapt and find solutions quickly, or in the world of countless contacts and relentless competition, be replaced. With MetalRustGuard, you can rest assured that you will always be getting something better. MetalRustGuard is that something better that your business has been missing when it comes to rust prevention. It is that innovative approach, that safe for the environment appeal your customers demand and all the effectiveness you will need. So if your VCI (Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor) is just giving you good, find something better with MetalRustGuard. The non-toxic, safe to be applied by hand, fool proof method to solving your rust and corrosion problem for good. With MetalRustGuard- It’s us or Rust!

October 13th 2014- The proof is in the pudding and we are cooking a fresh batch now!

A busy schedule for us here at MetalRustGuard and we are hoping you can join us soon! We have the world largest metal machining show in the US, the FabTech show in Atlanta November 11th-13th. We will also be exhibiting at the World Ag Expo in Tulare, CA February 10th-12th 2015. Over 100k attendees expected to attends this marvelous show. We are also excited to announce that we will be at the Corrosion 2015 Expo and Conference in Dallas, TX March 15th-19th. We hope to see you at one of these exciting events. Don’t miss us! Stop by and let us know how we are doing. We always love hearing from the people!

November 3rd 2014- Its not enough for us just to tell you- Try it in your manufacturing plant

We make a lot of claims on our website. We do it because we know the corrosion inhibiting market well. And we also know how well MetalRustGuard works in comparison to those products. Some have been around since the 1920’s and still use the same formula and still pose the same challenges to manufacturers. Whether the challenge be tough to clean off, toxic and materials containing VOC’s, or just out and out ineffective to the conditions you are shipping or storing your metal in. With MetalRustGuard we know this is a new way to inhibit corrosion for aluminum, steel and other machinery equipment, but we encourage you to contact us today for a free sample or pick up a roll here at and see how MetalRustGuard can turn the tide against your battle with  corrosion. Remember with MetalRustGuard- It’s Us or Rust!

November 18th 2014- How many products do you use invented in WW1?

WWI happened almost 100 years ago and while somethings invented then have been innovated now, one thing that was revolutionized during that period has NOT been changed and that is cosmoline. Cosmoline, you know that stuff that your grandfather used on his old hunting rifles that always had a better story behind the damage it did, than the actual truth. But since the 1920’s very little has changed about the manufacturing of cosmoline and with it, the list of cons continue to add up as your company has grown. It has been the stuff you always chose because at the time it was the best rust and corrosion inhibitor. But time has changed since the 1920’s and so has your operation, and with that change comes new products and new ideas and with that in mind comes MetalRustGuard. With all the effectiveness of corrosion prevention of cosmoline or oil inhibitors without the gunky removal of that nasty stuff. MetalRustGuard is the solution for quick application and easy removal all done in a non-toxic packaging material that doesn’t harm the user applying the material or the environment it is placed in. So if you are stuck using inhibitors from the 1920’s, fast forward 100 years and improve efficiency in your manufacturing process today with MetalRustGuard. Remember with MetalRustGuard- It’s Us or Rust!

June 24th 2015- So how does it work

Answer: There are two reasons why MetalRustGuard (MRG) is effective. First, the base material (Non Woven Polypropylene) is hydrophobic in it’s nature. Even without the wax impregnation, water is sheeted and dispersed. What this does is prevent water vapor transmission through the material. The wax and oil impregnation (Food Grade waxes and oils) prevents atmospheric condensation changes on the outside from contaminating the metal on the inside. This means it is also effective in high humidity conditions and marine environment conditions.

September 21st 2016- New Distribution Partners!

MetalRustGuard has been working hard to bring the best value to our customers around the world. We are now proud to announce a new partnership with Boride Engineered Abrasives and Falcon Tool. Based out of Traverse City, Michigan, both companies bring excellent support throughout the United States and online ordering is available through these companies today! Check out our Where To Purchase MetalRustGuard page for more information.